Sunday, September 30, 2007

Swim Pocket Diaper

I decided to make a new pocket diaper. It has swimming/lifeguarding things around the material for the PUL. I also decided to sew the elastic on the seam, so that the suede cloth was showing on the outside of the diaper. It's kind of hard to see because the PUL is whitish in color, and the suede cloth is also white in color. It turned out to be great though!!!! I used the mama bird pattern again, but I tweaked it a little bit. I added some of my own features that I really like. Such as a tab for the back elastic to come down. I could use this as a diaper, and as a swim diaper for early summer, even though it has the touch tape.

This, to me, is my cutest diaper yet! I am very proud of myself for this one. It shows that I am getting better as the days continue.

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