Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ooga Booga Tinkle Time Trainer

Here is an Ooga Booga Tinkle Time Trainer made for a customer. I love the colors of this fabric together! I also love the ooga fabric, it makes for a REALLY cute trainer! The trainer is made from a knit fabric with 3 layers of an absorbent stretch terry cloth. I hope she enjoys it, I just wanted to share my work!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Socks are coming along!!!

As you can tell, I am beginning to make some progress in my socks. I have the feet and toes left to do on this one, and then to start the second. I have been incredibly busy, so I haven't been knitting them much. I was happy to see the heel begin to form though!!! I knew I was making progress because I could see the transformation happen!!! Hopefully by my next post, I will have 50% of my socks done. :)

My first pair of socks are coming along!!! I have about 4 inches done on the cuffs of the one pair right now, and am hoping to start on the heel sometime today. Knitting on dpns are so much easier than I thought it would be. I can't believe that I let them intimidate me! :) I hope to have this one sock done by this weekend! I think that would make for a good goal. Oh, and as you can tell, I am using yarn that you would make hot pad holders, or dishcloths out of, because I didn't know how it would turn out at first. I didn't want to buy expensive yarn until I knew how to knit using dpns! My next pair will be much cuter!

Monday, October 5, 2009

My first pair of socks in the making...

I am beginning to feel adventurous and want to learn to knit socks. I must say, I was VERY intimidated by using the double point needles. I have just started to knit them, but it's actually not that hard to knit in the round. I am very pleased with myself for learning to do this on my own. :) I never thought, in a million years, that I would be knitting socks, but here I am!!! I will post more pictures as I get more accomplished!

Look, I'm knitting!!!!

I have been wanting to learn to knit for quite some time now, and I finally just said, I want to do it! So, I asked my grandma, who is very good at knitting to help me out, and to show me the basics of knitting. I could have learned from watching videos online, but learning from my own grandmother was special for me. Now she can see what kinds of things I am working on.

The first two pictures are of the Transformers dishcloth I made for Jeremiah. He saw this and just had to have it. I made it in a day.

The bottom picture is of the first couple of garter stitches I did just for practice. I am getting better now, and I am feeling much more confident.

Monday, September 21, 2009

OS Diaper

I decided to try another pocket diaper for Dani. I had some really cute PUL and wanted to make her something out of it! I love how it turned out! This is a one size pocket diaper made with a welt pocket opening. I love how that turned out too! I feel I am getting better every day at sewing and making new things. The pictures of the diaper closed are on the smallest setting and the largest setting. I got the pattern here. It looks huge when cut out, but I would say it fits so nicely!!! I almost wish I would have known about this pattern a long time ago! I would have made most of her diapers this way from the start, since it's a OS diaper. The diaper is stuffed with a microfiber towel, and the inside of the diaper is microfleece, which is so soft.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Even baby dolls need to wear cloth...

I saved some of Danica's old cloth diapers from when she was a newborn for her dolls for when she learns some day to put the diapers on them. I am NOT going to buy disposables for her babies!!! So here are some pictures of her putting the diapers on her baby. Too cute!!!

Trimsies Diapers

I received the Trimsies pattern a little while ago back in August, and am just now beginning to post the pictures. :( These are both a size large Trimsies. I love the Care bear one!!! That is Danica's absolute most favorite one too. :) The Care bear diaper is made with the outer layer of flannel, and inner layer of pink microfleece, which is SOO soft! Then the inside soakers are made with hemp terry on the inside and the part that touches Danica is made with that same pink microfleece.

The bottom two pictures are also of the Trimsies pattern. I made both the inside and the outside out of cotton velour. This diaper just looks squishy. I showed it to Danica and the first thing she said to me was oohh, soft. :)

I like the Trimsies pattern! Even my husband was impressed with what I had made. He asked me if I was going to sell it! I said no!!! Plus, I'd have to get a license for it. I like these for my own stash! :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tinkle Time Trainers for Sale!!!

Here are four Tinkle Time Trainers that I will list on Etsy very soon from now! Hopefully tomorrow if I can! They are all size 2T/3T and are each made with 3 layers of stretch terry cloth and knit fabrics. I almost don't want to sell them because they are just too cute! Keep checking the store to see if they are listed yet!

Friday, August 7, 2009

First Sale!

My most favorite one of all so far!!!

Here are the five Tinkle Time Trainers I have made for my very first customer! She told me to have fun with the prints because she didn't care. So I had fun choosing things that I would like for my little girl when that "day" finally comes. The bottom right trainer is actually a pair of undies lined with OBV! It is so soft! These will be shipped out sometime next week to their new owner! I hope she enjoys them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Modeling Her Tinkle Time Trainer!!!

Here is the back view of a size 2T/3T Tinkle Time Trainer that Danica is modeling!
And the side view of the trainer!

I am now a licensed seller of the Tinkle Time Trainers!!! YAY!!!!! I will be posting some in my Etsy store to come! I will also have custom order slots, so you can make your own Tinkle Time Trainer the way you want to. I will have a variety of fabrics to choose from, and you can either make yours waterproof or not, depending on your needs.

Make sure you check Wheeler Creations often to see if I have listed any!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some More Tinkle Time Trainers!!

This is a front snapping Tinkle Time Trainer. I made it with an outside layer of PUL for waterproofness. The inside has one layer of terrycloth with a booster layer of hemp, and lined with antipill fleece.

This is the pull up version of the Tinkle Time Trainer. I love, love, love how this one turned out!!! It is so adorable! Danica had to wear it around the house over her diapers all day long, because she loved it so much! :) This trainer has one layer of hemp for the soaker, topped with one layer of OBV, which I must say, is oh so soft! The whole thing is not waterproof, but, when you are learning how to use the potty, you do need to know when you are feeling wet! I think this one is just too cute!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Undies

The pattern that I got for Danica's undies went up to a size 7, so I thought, why not make Jeremiah some undies as well. He picked out the fabric, and he says they are awesome!!! He loves them so much he is wearing them right now. He also told me he wants me to make him some more, because they are so comfy. I didn't put the elastic in his because I wasn't sure how it would hold up.

As you can tell, he had to "model" his new undies for me!

Tinkle Time Trainers

I bought this pattern and printed it off, it's for personal use only, and thought it would be great to make Danica some underwear for when she learns to use the potty. I used an old t-shirt for this one. Not bad for my first time...

New Diapers

Here are some diapers that I am going to list at Etsy as soon as I get a chance. Two of them are a one size AIO diaper, one is a medium/large AIO diaper and the flower one, which is already at Etsy is a large AIO diaper.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mama Cloth with Fleece

I know, the first thing you think of when you hear "cloth pads" is EEWWW!!!! Hear me out! They are so much more comfortable than your disposables out there! I thought about doing something new. I have a TON of fleece lying around my house, so I thought, why not try it for the backing of my pads for my medium days. Here are the pads that I made last night. I will let you know how they have worked for me later! I had fun with the fleece, because the fleece I have is so cute! The three pads that are white consist of a top layer of velour, a middle layer of either terry or hemp, I was just experimenting, not sure which one has what, then a bottom layer of fleece, along with two layers of fleece for the wings. So that's about 5 layers, one of them 6, but serging was hard for that one. :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

AI2 Cloth Pad

I decided to try out something new for my cloth pads that I have made. I bought some OBV, which is oh so soft! Then I had some fleece lying around the house. I saw something like this online, where you snap in the top of the pad to the liner, and when it comes time to change the pad, all you change is the pad part, but you keep the liner, and use it again. Once I got all of this cut out, it was so easy! I serged around the whole bottom part of the liner, and for the pad, it consists of a top layer of OBV, two layers of terry cloth, and a bottom layer of fleece as well. There is no PUL in this pad. It is completely breathable. For the liner, I made it with wings, and I have two snaps for adjustability. I do hope this works, and it is leakproof. I've heard so many good things about fleece, I wanted to try it out for myself. :)