Sunday, April 6, 2008

Story Time!!!!

One of the things we like to do before we go to bed is read stories. Jeremiah would read five or more if I gave him the time. Now that Danica is older she likes to also look at the books as well. It's a good way for us to calm down for the evening, and my kids know bedtime is near. At two months, Danica actually sat through two stories, so we're getting her on the right track for reading!!!

Goodness Gracious Diaper

This is a Goodness Gracious diaper. I got the pattern from my cousin who also sews diapers. I make them for my daughter, Danica. I used a single layer of sherpa on the inside of the diaper, and then I used two layers of sherpa, and two layers of flannel on the outside for the outside soaker. I serged around the whole diaper, and also serged the outer soaker in place, which makes for easier drying for me. When I made the diaper, I did a medium, and only made one. Boy, and I glad I did, as the medium is too small for Danica. Her chunky legs can't make it around, and I needed to make the rise longer. At least I now know, so the next diaper will be much better. This pattern was so simple to use, I was able to complete this diaper today in only a few hours. That is, taking care of Danica first, so not bad at all!! :) I may use touchtape on the next one, but I'm not sure. I don't mind using the snappi on her, it's so easy, and that way I can save my touchtape for when I really need it. I am going to make some larges, and will post those later. I love the simplicity of serging around the diapers and not having to turn and topstitch them. Much less time consuming, and they even look cuter sometimes.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Wool Soaker Leggings

Here is Danica with her wool soaker leggings! I made them out of an old sweater that was given to me. The legs for her are the arms of the sweater. The pattern is from the Katrina's Quick Sew Soaker. This is too cute on her, plus it keeps her so warm. Too bad she'll be out of it before too long.