Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Undies

The pattern that I got for Danica's undies went up to a size 7, so I thought, why not make Jeremiah some undies as well. He picked out the fabric, and he says they are awesome!!! He loves them so much he is wearing them right now. He also told me he wants me to make him some more, because they are so comfy. I didn't put the elastic in his because I wasn't sure how it would hold up.

As you can tell, he had to "model" his new undies for me!

Tinkle Time Trainers

I bought this pattern and printed it off, it's for personal use only, and thought it would be great to make Danica some underwear for when she learns to use the potty. I used an old t-shirt for this one. Not bad for my first time...

New Diapers

Here are some diapers that I am going to list at Etsy as soon as I get a chance. Two of them are a one size AIO diaper, one is a medium/large AIO diaper and the flower one, which is already at Etsy is a large AIO diaper.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mama Cloth with Fleece

I know, the first thing you think of when you hear "cloth pads" is EEWWW!!!! Hear me out! They are so much more comfortable than your disposables out there! I thought about doing something new. I have a TON of fleece lying around my house, so I thought, why not try it for the backing of my pads for my medium days. Here are the pads that I made last night. I will let you know how they have worked for me later! I had fun with the fleece, because the fleece I have is so cute! The three pads that are white consist of a top layer of velour, a middle layer of either terry or hemp, I was just experimenting, not sure which one has what, then a bottom layer of fleece, along with two layers of fleece for the wings. So that's about 5 layers, one of them 6, but serging was hard for that one. :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

AI2 Cloth Pad

I decided to try out something new for my cloth pads that I have made. I bought some OBV, which is oh so soft! Then I had some fleece lying around the house. I saw something like this online, where you snap in the top of the pad to the liner, and when it comes time to change the pad, all you change is the pad part, but you keep the liner, and use it again. Once I got all of this cut out, it was so easy! I serged around the whole bottom part of the liner, and for the pad, it consists of a top layer of OBV, two layers of terry cloth, and a bottom layer of fleece as well. There is no PUL in this pad. It is completely breathable. For the liner, I made it with wings, and I have two snaps for adjustability. I do hope this works, and it is leakproof. I've heard so many good things about fleece, I wanted to try it out for myself. :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fixing my Bum Genius Diapers

Here is a before shot of the you can tell, the elastic is in need of much care.
Here is the diaper halfway done. I wanted to see how well it turned out, so I turned the diaper, and I was amazed at how well it looked!
Here is the finished product! Looks almost brand new again, at least in the elastic part. This diaper has been used very well by my daughter. :)

I got this tutorial on fixing bum genius diapers. Mine are in need of some TLC, so I thought I would give it a try and see how easy it was. Boy! It looks like a whole new diaper! I am so thankful for this tutorial on how to fix them!

I can't believe that you can spend $18.00 a diaper, and have the elastic wear out! All the diapers that I have made so far have not worn out. The elastic is still in great condition and have plenty of life left of them. At least I know I can fix the ones I bought from stores! Now off to test my diaper!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

OS Fitted Diaper

This is a one size fitted diaper. I have this picture on the smaller setting. To get to the smaller setting you fold down the top of the diaper and snap where needed.

When I made the snap in soaker I didn't want to use the suede cloth as well. But the suede cloth I used matched the little red spots on the diaper I wanted to use it on the inside of the diaper. I used my bamboo velour on the snap in soaker, and oh is it ever so soft! I may make a lay in soaker with this diaper, for some extra absorbency.
I thought it was fun to use colored snaps when making this diaper. It makes it for a better diaper, in my opinion.
Here is the diaper again, only made with a pair of matching booties. I love making baby booties. I have a friend whose sister is pregnant and I may make her some of my booties for her new baby. I think matching the diaper with the booties is even better. :)

OS Mushroom Diaper (Rita's Rump Pocket)

I decided to try and do something with this fabric that I had lying around the house. It's too cute to just go to waste. I made a Rita's Rump Pocket diaper with it. But the other pocket diaper I made out of this pattern was too small for Danica, so I made it a bit larger than the last time so hopefully it will fit her. I haven't tried it on her yet, but will do soon.

The diaper has an opening in the back where you stuff it. I stuffed mine with a microfiber towel. On the inside I used anti-pill fleece for stay dry. I love how the yellows match up with each other. This is my fun diaper.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

AIO Diaper (Medium/Large)

I decided to try an AIO (all-in-one) diaper because it sounded like fun to make. I didn't want to make them like I had before, I wanted to do something different. I crafted my own pattern on this one, and I LOVE IT!!!! My mother said I should set up a shop and sell them because I have so much fun making these. This particular diaper has snaps on the front of it to fit a smaller baby. It fits my hefty 27 pound chunker, but I bet would go up to 35 pounds for a toddler that is tall and skinny. (Like my cousin's) The snaps on the front would close down to make the diaper smaller and would start at about 15 pounds. So I would call this a medium/large AIO.

The outside of the diaper has PUL, and the part touching the baby is suede cloth. I made a hidden internal soaker out of sherpa. Sherpa is SOOOO soft! When I put this on Danica she didn't want to take it off, she liked it a lot! She said it was soft, and boy is it ever!

I want to try and sell this diaper though, so I just put it on her for looks. I will be putting it up on Etsy later to see if I can sell it! I can't wait to make more and try to sell those as well! Keep your fingers crossed!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Patchwork Skirt

I found this tutorial on making a patchwork three tiered skirt for Danica. The fabric the lady used was much cuter than mine, but mine is old scraps that my grandmother had already cut into 5 inch pieces. So, why not use them and make her a skirt out of it! I love how it turned out though! Unlike the other skirt I made a while back, I think this one may actually fit her! Yeah! I haven't had a chance to try it on her yet, as I made it when she was sleeping. I will have her wear it today though! The only thing I don't like is the hem at the bottom. I used black thread instead of white. You can definitely see it. I will use white the next time.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Side Snapping Traning Pants

Isn't this fabric amazingly adorable!!!!!

I just absolutely LOVE how this turned out!!! Danica is starting to show signs of potty learning, and I thought, what about making her some training pants to help her out along the way. These training pants have side snaps for easy access in case of those "accidents" for beginning.

Here is how these training pants are assembled. The outer, of course, is a waterproof material (PUL), and the part that will touch Danica is red suede cloth. The inside of the pants consist of a layer of VERY soft sherpa that is between the PUL and the suede cloth. Attached to the sherpa is a sewn in soaker that consists of two layers organic hemp. Hemp is so absorbant, I only did two layers, because these are supposed to be trainers. The outside of the pants has FOE (fold over elastic). I was running VERY LOW on that towards the end, and I though I wouldn't have enough, but I did. :) Just barely though!!! Then at the end I attached my snaps to the pants and we were ready to go! My next mission for this is to not do FOE, but to have regular attached elastic on the inside, and then topstitch all the way around the pants. I'd like to see how that turns out also. I will keep the same layering of the trainer, and, if I need to I can add one more layer of hemp as well. I am going to try these on Danica tomorrow to see how they fit her. I will post with pictures later. :0)