Sunday, April 6, 2008

Goodness Gracious Diaper

This is a Goodness Gracious diaper. I got the pattern from my cousin who also sews diapers. I make them for my daughter, Danica. I used a single layer of sherpa on the inside of the diaper, and then I used two layers of sherpa, and two layers of flannel on the outside for the outside soaker. I serged around the whole diaper, and also serged the outer soaker in place, which makes for easier drying for me. When I made the diaper, I did a medium, and only made one. Boy, and I glad I did, as the medium is too small for Danica. Her chunky legs can't make it around, and I needed to make the rise longer. At least I now know, so the next diaper will be much better. This pattern was so simple to use, I was able to complete this diaper today in only a few hours. That is, taking care of Danica first, so not bad at all!! :) I may use touchtape on the next one, but I'm not sure. I don't mind using the snappi on her, it's so easy, and that way I can save my touchtape for when I really need it. I am going to make some larges, and will post those later. I love the simplicity of serging around the diapers and not having to turn and topstitch them. Much less time consuming, and they even look cuter sometimes.

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