Friday, January 2, 2009

First Mama Pad

I have been thinking lately at how I can cut down on my spending. I have lots of extra fabric, and was given some PUL. I decided to go ahead and make myself a cloth pad. I used one layer of microfiber towel for the soaker, and then attached that to the pink flannel. Then I sewed the soaker to the pad part of the pink flannel. I then sewed the wings part as well. Inside the pad is a layer of PUL so that it is leak-proof. I topstitched around the whole thing so I know that everything is in place. I believe this turned out pretty well. I'm hesistant about using it, but I figure if I save some money, then it's well worth it. Also, even if I just use them at home then I know I've saved some money.

Here is where I got my pattern from...

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Erynn said...

This is my favorite pattern for mama pads. I love my cloth much more comfortable than paper and plastic.