Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pillow Case Dresses (More)

Here are the rest of my pillow case dresses I made. On two of them I just turned the top down to make a casing, but I used bias tape on the one of them. For the ties I used bias tape as well, but though to do a couple threads of yard for the other one that was reddish in color. They all turned out really cute. I also put a picture of Danica wearing hers as well. We went to the Science Center, and I got compliments from mothers there. They really liked her dress, and when I told them I made it they were shocked. If I make Danica another one, I am not going to make it so long, and then I am going to make the top go down just a bit, so it's not so close to her throat. I'm hoping by this summer it will fit her better. Then, if she doesn't grow much waist wise, I am hoping it will fit her again next summer.

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