Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Skirt Pattern!

Skirt Pattern for 18” Doll

Supplies Needed:

·         Size 5—16” circular needle

·         Size 5—slightly larger circular needle

·         Worsted weight yarn (I used Red Heart) (Two different colors for contrast & main)

·         Stitch Markers

Pattern Instructions:

·         CO 60 stitches in contrast yarn color (place stitch marker at beginning of round)

·         Rows 1-4—K2, P2 for a 2 x 2 ribbing

·         5—Eyelet Row for an i-cord (knit 2, yo, purl 2 together)

·         6-9—K2, P2 for the remainder ribbing

·         10—Switch yarn to main color and knit

·         Knit in main color until skirt measures 1 inch below the waist

·         Place a stitch marker every 10 stitches for the increase stitches

·         Knit until one stitch before and after the marker

·         INCREASE ROW—M1L and M1R (for a total of 12 increase stitches) You should have 72 stitches on your needles now.

·         Knit for another inch after the first increase row, then make another INCREASE ROW (You should now have 84 stitches on your needles.)

·         Knit for just over an inch before switching to contrast color to finish

·         Switch to contrast color and begin ruffled edge

Bottom of Skirt:

·         Knit one round

·         K1, P1 for a 1 x 1 rib for 2 rounds

·         K1, pbaf (purl back and front) to the end of the round

·         K1, P2 for 3 rounds

·         Bind off in pattern

I-cord is made using 3 stitches


MeMary77knits said...

Hi! I'm dying to make this 18" doll skirt pattern. Could you expand on row 5 - the eyelet row. I need the exact directions to make the entire eyelet row. Also on the iCord, how many stitches for the iCord? 3 or 4 & how long.

wheelerclothbaby said...

I adjusted the pattern. I will measure how long I made the cord for. I'd say about 18-24 inches.

SouthernComfortknc said...

Is there a 'finished product' photo to go with this? Sounds interesting.

Patty said...

I'd love to see a finished photo too...just so I know I'm on the right track!