Sunday, October 7, 2007

New Sewn Wool Soakers

I found out how to sew wool soakers together from old sweaters. It's so easy, and it's a lot of fun. They look great when they are finished and they are so colorful as well. My cousin gave me the site for the pattern, and I love it! They look so cute!!!
This one is one of my newborns. The wool is super soft. Perfect to bring her home in!!!

These two are from the same pattern. The one to the left is a small, and the one to the right is a medium. I'm trying to make all that I can right now, because once the baby gets here I won't have time to make them as much as I am now. These are easy, and they don't take too much time at all.

These are my small leggings the baby can wear when she gets here. It is a wool soaker, but I think they're cute just to be worn as pants, and I can put a pocket diaper on with these. It's made from an old sweater from my cousin, and they're my first pair. I think they turned out pretty good! As I make some more I will post more. I am now working on a pink pair of leggings she will be able to wear when she is around one year of age.


Erynn said...

I LOVE the pink with white trim. This is such an addicting pattern isn't it? Makes you almost wish you had more fitted's than PUL diapers, huh?

CMP said...

This almost makes me want to have another baby! Be sure to have me tell you about using the baby sling.