Friday, December 28, 2007

Different Diapers/Covers

I decided to get my lazy bum into gear and start making more diapers. My little one will be here in five weeks or less, and I really needed to get into gear. This diaper was made using the Mama Bird Fitted Diaper Pattern. On the inside I used sherpa. I love using the sherpa because it makes the diaper seem sooo soft.
These two diapers, I made using the Darling Diaper Pattern. One is made using snaps, which I borrowed from my cousing, and the other one I figured I could pin or use a snappy on it. They are both infant fitteds that are made out of old t-shirts that I found around the house. They are actually made out of my maternity shirts that are too big for me, so they stretch a lot, compared to other t-shirts. I had a lot of fun making these diapers, and the snaps are awesome to use.

This is from the Rita's Rump Pocket Diaper Pattern. I used flannel I got from Jo-Anns fabric store that was on sale. I know I am having a girl, but I figured this diaper is going to need a cover, so that is why I have my John Deere fleece cover. The fleece covers are made from the Rita's Rump Cover Pattern. They are both very easy to make, and take almost no time at all once you start them. I really liked how the Pocket Diaper turned out, and I might actually go and buy some girly flannel so she can have some cute diapers.


Jean Smith said... you make cloth diapers to sell? I am very interested...please email me at Thanks!

Jean Smith said...

Oh my goodness...would you consider making and selling the wool ones in the post below? I love them! I just need a few...please email me at Thanks!

dutchmilk said...

I love the pink john deere diaper cover!!! Would you consider making and selling a similar one in green for a newborn?

dutchmilk said...

Oh yeah, my email address is
Thanks so much!