Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stinky Diapers???!!!

Ugh! My diapers have never smelled so bad before! I am trying to strip them, and they just don't want to get the smell out of them. Here is my latest try at getting rid of that stinky diaper smell...

1. Cold rinse
2. Hot wash normal with detergent
3. Cold rinse
4. Hot was with baking soda, and a tiny amount of detergent
5. Cold rinse
6. Cold rinse times 10!!!

Every time I peeked into the washer while it was rinsing, there always seemed to be bits of suds, so I kept on rinsing them. Hopfully this will work at getting the smell out! I've tried Calgon, and that doesn't seem to work for my diapers. So, hopefully baking soda will help!

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