Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quick Snap Flat Wrap (with touchtape)

I got this pattern from my cousin to try out for Danica. I cut out the largest setting as she is 26 to 27 pounds, so I know that she won't fit into anything smaller. :) It turned out nice! The hard part about this diaper was serging the small corners. I kept cutting my material for the one side of the flap. I had to tuck it all in, and then serge around it.

The soaker, which is here was simple to do. I used four layers for it. Two of the bright orange matierial, and then two of my receiving blanket I had. The diaper itself is 3 layers. It consists of two orange pieces and then one of the receiving blanket. When folded correctly, and if I'm adding right, it's 16 layers in the front. Which, if I decide to make this diaper for an overnight diaper, I will use this many layers. Especially in the front, since she sleeps on her tummy. :)

I really liked this pattern a lot. It was easy, and quick to make. I may modify it a bit in my own way. I know I needed to make the rise a bit longer, and if I use touch tape again, then I will need to cut that longer also for the front tab. All in all it turned out good! I can't wait to make another one!

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