Monday, September 21, 2009

OS Diaper

I decided to try another pocket diaper for Dani. I had some really cute PUL and wanted to make her something out of it! I love how it turned out! This is a one size pocket diaper made with a welt pocket opening. I love how that turned out too! I feel I am getting better every day at sewing and making new things. The pictures of the diaper closed are on the smallest setting and the largest setting. I got the pattern here. It looks huge when cut out, but I would say it fits so nicely!!! I almost wish I would have known about this pattern a long time ago! I would have made most of her diapers this way from the start, since it's a OS diaper. The diaper is stuffed with a microfiber towel, and the inside of the diaper is microfleece, which is so soft.

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Sanna said...

Hi! Could you send this pattern to my email. The link doesn't work. Its so good looking diaper. Sorry for my english : D
slouhio @