Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trimsies Diapers

I received the Trimsies pattern a little while ago back in August, and am just now beginning to post the pictures. :( These are both a size large Trimsies. I love the Care bear one!!! That is Danica's absolute most favorite one too. :) The Care bear diaper is made with the outer layer of flannel, and inner layer of pink microfleece, which is SOO soft! Then the inside soakers are made with hemp terry on the inside and the part that touches Danica is made with that same pink microfleece.

The bottom two pictures are also of the Trimsies pattern. I made both the inside and the outside out of cotton velour. This diaper just looks squishy. I showed it to Danica and the first thing she said to me was oohh, soft. :)

I like the Trimsies pattern! Even my husband was impressed with what I had made. He asked me if I was going to sell it! I said no!!! Plus, I'd have to get a license for it. I like these for my own stash! :)


Imwabuller said...

Very nice diapers, I have a question:If you use flannel on the outside, would that be waterproof? How do you keep the water inside the diaper?Thank you

wheelerclothbaby said...

I do have to use a cover for this diaper. The flannel isn't water proof, but it is quite thick, and sometimes I don't put a cover if she just wears the diaper. :) I just change her right away.