Sunday, July 26, 2009

AI2 Cloth Pad

I decided to try out something new for my cloth pads that I have made. I bought some OBV, which is oh so soft! Then I had some fleece lying around the house. I saw something like this online, where you snap in the top of the pad to the liner, and when it comes time to change the pad, all you change is the pad part, but you keep the liner, and use it again. Once I got all of this cut out, it was so easy! I serged around the whole bottom part of the liner, and for the pad, it consists of a top layer of OBV, two layers of terry cloth, and a bottom layer of fleece as well. There is no PUL in this pad. It is completely breathable. For the liner, I made it with wings, and I have two snaps for adjustability. I do hope this works, and it is leakproof. I've heard so many good things about fleece, I wanted to try it out for myself. :)


Kristy Tillman said...

I'm wanting to make some of these, they look great. Do you like them? Do you think you need all 4 snaps to keep it in place? I wondered if a snap in front would suffice? Or maybe one in front and one in back.
Thanks for posting this! :o)

Niecey said...
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Niecey said...

May I ask which pattern you used for these? I like the look of the shape etc. I want to make myself a stash, and these ones look good.