Thursday, July 9, 2009

AIO Diaper (Medium/Large)

I decided to try an AIO (all-in-one) diaper because it sounded like fun to make. I didn't want to make them like I had before, I wanted to do something different. I crafted my own pattern on this one, and I LOVE IT!!!! My mother said I should set up a shop and sell them because I have so much fun making these. This particular diaper has snaps on the front of it to fit a smaller baby. It fits my hefty 27 pound chunker, but I bet would go up to 35 pounds for a toddler that is tall and skinny. (Like my cousin's) The snaps on the front would close down to make the diaper smaller and would start at about 15 pounds. So I would call this a medium/large AIO.

The outside of the diaper has PUL, and the part touching the baby is suede cloth. I made a hidden internal soaker out of sherpa. Sherpa is SOOOO soft! When I put this on Danica she didn't want to take it off, she liked it a lot! She said it was soft, and boy is it ever!

I want to try and sell this diaper though, so I just put it on her for looks. I will be putting it up on Etsy later to see if I can sell it! I can't wait to make more and try to sell those as well! Keep your fingers crossed!!

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