Thursday, July 16, 2009

OS Mushroom Diaper (Rita's Rump Pocket)

I decided to try and do something with this fabric that I had lying around the house. It's too cute to just go to waste. I made a Rita's Rump Pocket diaper with it. But the other pocket diaper I made out of this pattern was too small for Danica, so I made it a bit larger than the last time so hopefully it will fit her. I haven't tried it on her yet, but will do soon.

The diaper has an opening in the back where you stuff it. I stuffed mine with a microfiber towel. On the inside I used anti-pill fleece for stay dry. I love how the yellows match up with each other. This is my fun diaper.

1 comment:

Ally said...

Lovely diaper, I NEED a girl!

Great choice with the yellow fleece. I love making RRPs, I hope it fits!