Friday, July 3, 2009

Side Snapping Traning Pants

Isn't this fabric amazingly adorable!!!!!

I just absolutely LOVE how this turned out!!! Danica is starting to show signs of potty learning, and I thought, what about making her some training pants to help her out along the way. These training pants have side snaps for easy access in case of those "accidents" for beginning.

Here is how these training pants are assembled. The outer, of course, is a waterproof material (PUL), and the part that will touch Danica is red suede cloth. The inside of the pants consist of a layer of VERY soft sherpa that is between the PUL and the suede cloth. Attached to the sherpa is a sewn in soaker that consists of two layers organic hemp. Hemp is so absorbant, I only did two layers, because these are supposed to be trainers. The outside of the pants has FOE (fold over elastic). I was running VERY LOW on that towards the end, and I though I wouldn't have enough, but I did. :) Just barely though!!! Then at the end I attached my snaps to the pants and we were ready to go! My next mission for this is to not do FOE, but to have regular attached elastic on the inside, and then topstitch all the way around the pants. I'd like to see how that turns out also. I will keep the same layering of the trainer, and, if I need to I can add one more layer of hemp as well. I am going to try these on Danica tomorrow to see how they fit her. I will post with pictures later. :0)

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Mrs. Mac said...

I just wrote a long comment and it got 'eaten' somewhere in space.

thanks for posting this page about the training pants. I have a special needs son (age 13 60 lbs) that has a colon disorder. He's had lots of surgeries and currently wears disposable pullup type underpants. I'd like to have him wear cloth ... but due to a leakage problem he has, he needs more than just boy's cotton briefs or training pants ... more elastic and absorbency is required. I hope to be able to make something similar to the style you've shown here.